Monday, November 1, 2010


I know you have been dying to read an excerpt of my up and coming novel. Please be aware of the rules for works in progress. 1) No criticism before the first draft is done. 2) No mockery, belittling, no negative self talk 3) Affirmations every day! (I am a terrific writer! I am creative! Golden words flow from my fingers!)

Emeline tried to focus on what the teacher was saying. Slow slow quick quick. Should she go right, should she go left? Her partner this evening was Patel. Patel loved his mother. He had a little Hitler moustache that he thought was dashing and on his brown face looked more grasping hipster than anything. He stared vacantly over her right sholder. In ballroom dance you are supposed to make eye contact, but Patel never did. He said looking into her eyes forced him to break his concentration and he was afraid he’d run into another couple. She forgot to be flattered by his backhanded compliment to the power of her eyes.

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