Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewing projects

The internet is a dangerous place.  Case in point, I was up late the other night, looking at sewing patterns online. I found a lot of beautiful dress patterns. I spend a lot of time looking at Betsey  Johnson's website. I looked at patterns specifically  for fat women.  I looked for dresses I could nurse in. One of the best sources were Amish clothing websites.  Unfortunately, those dresses were really ugly.  Useful but ugly.  Why doesn't Betsey Johnson make "gracious" dresses (as they call nursey dresses in Amish country).  I know I am not the only nursing mother out there.  The upshot is, I bought lots of patterns and enough fabric for two dresses and now I hope I can get them made before I return to work.


amethyst-violette said...

You're hilarious. "Specifically for FAT WOMEN" (of which you are not one....) Whatever you do, please do not wear those Amish dresses. I have seen them. There are better choices. Thank you in advance.
-Kyle (your music buddy from CSMA)

H said...

I'm with Kyle on the Amish dress thing.

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