Friday, July 8, 2011

      LuLu just turned 16 months.  Just yesterday she started eating her morning yogurt with a spoon and a bowl.  Previously I had just dumped a few scoops on her tray and she would jam her fingers in it and lick it off.  Effective, but very messy.  Before that we spoon fed her, but that gets old very quickly, for both parties.  She had been walking since June 11th (our wedding anniversary).  I used to hear the adults say how fast time flies and how quickly the children grow.  It is so true.  In the space of a few months, she has gone from an infant who stays where you put her, and needed help getting food into her mouth, into a curious toddler, who pulls the books off the shelves, walks on two feet, and eats with her own spoon.  What is next?  Driver's license?  College?  It boggles the mind.  It seemed like I was pregnant with her forever, and that I waited to get pregnant for forever (I am rolling my eyes like a spoiled teen).  Now that I am pregnant again, it seems, at least for the new baby's timeline (a boy is due Oct 23), I have been pregnant forever.  I was laying in bed last night reading and I kept feeling "poke, tickle, poke" in my liver, in my kidneys, in my abdomen.  It was reassuring.  Just like after a long quiet night (LuLu's other olympian accomplishment is sleeping through the night, again) I am happy to hear her crying, because it means she is alive.  Not that I really think anything had happened in the middle of the night, it is just nice to know nothing did. 
       We have gotten into a nice summer rhythm, I am no longer worried about work, I will accept what comes and in the meantime unemployment insurance is nice.  I had a moment of panic the other day when I letter arrived from my old employer and the opening line was "Welcome back..." After reading it, I realized it was sent in error.  It surprised me how much I didn't want to return and what a strange feeling that was.    I was feeling so unproductive this morning, but then LuLu came over and gave my leg a hug and she looked up at me so piercingly that I almost wept.  No, I am not wasting any time at all.

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