Thursday, September 29, 2011

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LuLu is down for her morning nap.  I finally got back into clothes (my first set was ruined when I vomited all over myself.  I love being pregnant) and now I am sitting here, having read of my oh so important Facebook updates and looked at my work email (nothing!).  Now I am free, free free for the next ten minutes!  This is my first day of Spike Maternity Leave.  I never had this down time with LuLu, since I basically left work to go directly to the ER.

I just got a Wacom tablet. This is the first time have been able to hand write my blog.  I have to say this is very cool.

The next technological step is speech recognition software (that will have to wait until I go back to work).

I have had this urge lately to write letters with the real actual post. So, to that end, I have signed up for and have subscribed to the Letter Exchange. Not only am I having the yen to pour out my soul to strangers, but I have been looking forward to exotic mail. I used to mail the most ridiculous love letters to men I had crushes on. And then I wondered why they thought I was nuts. Happily I those days are over. I have Dutch now and interestingly enough, I never wrote him a handwritten letter. We texted a few times, never emailed. Single girls, let that be a lesson to you! I never had a chance! Everything happened so fast with that man!   Non-romantic letters to strange middle aged ladies who write "tea" down as a hobby should be safe, right?  Maybe there is something about being in the Hamlet on an overcast Autumn day that whispers "epistolarity."

 So shoot me an email if you would like a scattered, newsy, non-romantic letter from me.

 Uh, oh, I hear Lulu crying. Time to say good-bye.


Poulet said...

Yes! Ridiculous love letters. I penned more than a few of those myself back in the day. At least we kept the postal service afloat.

That pregnancy is going by fast! What's your due date?

Camille said...

Good times, good times.

Poulet said...

Hush hush on the due date, eh? I guess I'll have to pester Counsel for details as things unfold on FB...

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