Friday, September 30, 2011


periscope, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I wanted to play with the Wacom tablet some more, but I couldn't think of anything to draw. Then I remembered, submarines, of course. So I googled a picture (that looks nothing like this, btw) and I created the closest thing to the Conte Rouge Medici, and washed it through a lot of "noise." My fingers are still clean, and there isn't a pile of eraser shavings on my lap. Maybe that is a good thing.


M. L. Benedict said...

Aw, gee. Now I really know I'm a dinosaur. I don't know what a Wacom tablet is, or the Conte Rouge Medici, or what kind of noise would be involved in a drawing. But it's a nice drawing. My only other question is...why "of course"? I am thinking of Yellow Submarines, but maybe my mind is stuck in the nineteen-sixties.

Camille said...

No, you are NOT a dinosaur!

A Wacom tablet is like a cross between a Babylonian clay tablet and a computer mouse, it even has a stylus (but no clay). You can draw directly into the computer with it.

Conte Rouge Medici is my favorite color of Conte crayon (an old school, Parisian chalk drawing medium). It is a brownish reddish color.

Submarines, of course. I did a self-published comic about life in a submarine between 2003-2006. Every once in a while I think about reviving it. There is probably still a link to some of the art at the very bottom of my blog.

M. L. Benedict said...

Oh, thank you, Carmen. I'm glad you're drawing!

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