Saturday, April 18, 2015

I hate Pinterest

I am the last person on the block to figure out/be given (cuz I never buy) the latest gadget or app.  So, after years and years of hearing people rave about Pinterest, I finally gave it a whirl.  I wanted it to stow an interesting HuffPost article about international food.  I also pinned a few yummy- looking, but savory recipes.  Usually I toss recipes here for future reference, or, if they are really important, I write them on index cards and put them in a special box, like my grandma did.

Here's what I pinned, as of now.

(Gar, I am having troubles getting images onto this damn blog, been trying for an hour, flick and tinypic and, of course, blogger are not letting me do this!  The cruel cruel irony is that I taught a damn lesson on this yesterday, with blogger, on fucking iPads!)

That pin that looks like macaroons, that is the original HuffPo article I pinned, it is actually a review of a mail- order international snack service.  The rest of my pins are savory recipes.  I am following SafeEggs, my friend N, and The 5dollar dinner mom.  I am grossly overweight right now, Pinterest, and I don't need reasons to make sweets.  

So this is the first thing I see, Andy Griffith pushing frozen lemon pie and milkshakes.  I am getting fat just looking at it.  I scroll down a little.  Lots of egg recipes, that is fine.

Then, cheesecake and strawberry butter.  Gah!  Then, as if Pinterest can read my mind,


Camille Offenbach said...

PS, the tablet I am on won't let me scroll down any further to finish this rant. I am sure I'll figure out how to hide the internet diet junk, the gratuitous cheesecake and how to finesse it a little better. In the meantime, I still have my box of recipe cards.

MDaisy said...

Agree with you about Pinterest. I have an account, but I rarely use it.

BTW thanks for your lovely Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream comments. They made my day.

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