Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Douglas Wilson and Books & Culture

One of my favorite twitter/internet trainwrecks is the ongoing Douglas Wilson debacle.  True Fact-- I first heard about Douglas Wilson in a positive way from El Caballero.  Apparently, El Cab tried to get a job teaching at Wilson's "seminary".  (Ha ha, good times that!)  Not to worry, El is still mongering books at Moe's.

One of the very last Christian-themed magazine subscriptions that we have hung onto over the last few back-sliding years is Books and Culture, 'cuz, usually, it's interesting.  But imagine our shock, nay, horror, of seeing DW's byline in the contributor's section fairly regularly.  So in light of the more recent debacles, we penned a "letter to the editor" slamming their choice to publish such a craven bastard.

Because I am very dubious that our epistolary brilliance will ever see the light of day, I am posting it here totally (sic)

 Dear Editor,

We have been subscribers for over 4 years now, and enjoy the wide range of christian writers, perspectives and topics within the world that you bring to your readers.

That said, I am concerned that you publish articles by Douglas Wilson (July/August 2015, Jan/Feb 2014).  He condones antebellum slavery (http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/slavery/southern_slavery_as_it_was.htm) and holds many other extreme views about women, minorities and sexual politics.  What is most disturbing is that recently it has come to light how he has deals with sexual predators in his church-- viz-- putting young women in harm's way, and then blaming them for what inevitably follows. (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/douglas-wilson-steven-sitler-pride/)(Here's his defense of pedophiles in his own words http://dougwils.com/s7-engaging-the-culture/a-different-kind-of-deplorable-word.html). In all these issues Mr. Wilson privileges any person in a place of power (slave owner, molesting pastor) and offers them forgiveness, while ignoring the plight of the innocent whom they have abused. I do not believe that the editors or readers of this fine magazine would agree with these opinions of Mr. Wilson and quite frankly would find them directly in conflict with the Gospel. While his articles for Books and Culture may not be actively advocating these views, your decision to publish them, gives him a platform and allows him to seem mainstream.



We used about 1500 of our allowed 2000 characters and there was no way to embed the links.  I wrote the first paragraphs, and then the hubs added the last bit about the power imbalance (NB, Michel Foucault takes up a lot of shelf space here, but I haven't read him).

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