Monday, April 18, 2005

So if you missed the party on Sat,

you missed

1) partaking of the Poulet Surprise (with a half of cup of mayo, no wonder its so good)

2) the Police. Less said on that point, the better. I think I am going to write the neighbors apology notes.

3) Gate Crashers. i wouldn't mind surprise guests if they were interesting. But boorish drunks, and stoned, foaming-at-the-mouth college students put the "phil" in philistine. Fortunately, they didn't stay long. I think I am going to check invitations in the future.

4) Watching the Celestial One get her groove on. Quite the red-letter day, if you ask me. She is HOT.

5) enjoying the M*ster's curry. Another lovely thing to titilate the palate.

6) The Friscans. Yup, the party was so magnetic that four phrisky friscans braved the 70 mile trip.

7) lots of rampant female, um, female... [she shrugs and blushes]

8) Reddin' Burgers. yes, they asked moi to prepare the patties. And if thars one thang I lerned me in Reddin', its how to get a patty reddy fur d' grill. Yessir. the only thang missin' was the sage darby and de' stars an bars.

9) making your own tax-form hat

10) getting breakfast burritoes a the Chillout Cafe The Morning After.

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