Sunday, June 5, 2005

bird graff

bird graff, originally uploaded by camille94019.

had a a truly Flip Flop day. Went out with the contessa to go look at the Splat Artists. We schmoozed and chatted. I have to take back some of the mean and nasty things I say about the art scene here, there actually are some excellent artists working in the area.

Now my Big Challenge... trying to get the 120 film to fit in the little Baby Brownie Special that used to belong to my grandad. I found out that people are still using the brownies to take pictures. I used to have a bunch of them, but sold them when I figured they were totally useless. Doh! Turns out there is a whole brownie cult following. I want to join them!

harassing the Goths
Some goth boy in a dress accused me of being "untravelled." It was pretty funny. Maybe I was a jerk to the poor kid, but he said the Goths weren't mainstream and in the same breath he said he got his duds at Hot Topic. I am sorry, but you can't get any more "mall" than Hot Topic. And as any culture watcher knows, mall=mainstream. If he had said he got his clothes from some wacky dude living under a bridge, then he'd have some credence. I told him that the "mainstream" didn't really exist... that its a construct that people invent to "rebell against." He looked like he was about to cry. but now that I am writing this, I realize my logic is fatally flawed. tho' I suppose if you wanted to rebell against the mall, then you shouldn't shop there. He implied that I didn't travel very much (true, I don't go to very many malls). I asked him if he had found the mainstream, cuz I sure hadn't. He didn't answer that. I didn't mean to pick on the guy, but if you are going to subscribe to a underground following, then you had better know what you are standing for, dagnabbit! And don't call yourself counterculture and then go to the frikken mall.

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