Saturday, September 3, 2005

Leveling the Playing Field

Sometimes I get a tiny bit blue when I write here and no one comments. I am not bringing this up to guilt anyone into commenting. I know people read it, and I am happy with that. I just read two entries from Billy Corgan's blog, and no one has commented at all. I was expecting a ridiculously long string of comments, he's a Rock Star! But nada. Poor guy. I am listening to the teaser to his new album right now, and I am really liking it. Something about a singing bald man... hm. I doubt that has anything to do with it. I wonder if he would let me rub his pate?

here's the link

Profile View Envy

The Contessa was noticing that she has had less than 100 profile views and was expressing some friendly envy about my 197 views. I have been on blogger more than twice as long, I explained, she is doing well, considering the relatively short time she has had her blog. Billy Corgan's profile view number is 968753. I guess it helps to be famous.

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