Wednesday, April 4, 2007

John B, thinking again

Blog Meridian: In which the Meridian loathes Kinkade and gets religion without knowing it

John B wrote a great article that got me thinking about my favorite immortal questions, like "what makes good art?", "how do we justify disliking bad art?", "what is God's truth?", "what is my role as an artist", "is art a holy calling?", "what makes my invented world worth propagating?", "if I am an artist, does that make me some kind of minister?", "is my art good?", "how about my English?", "is my ass big?", "how are we going to get into the castle?", "once we get in, how do I find Count Rugen?", "what is truth in these fuzzy, postmodern times?", "if I declare a truth, am I declaring war?", "is art war?", "if I make bad art, is it a sin?", "should I apologize for bad art I have made in the past?" and "how can I write intelligent comments without knowing very much on other people's blogs?"


R. Sherman said...

At the risk of running afoul of your last question, let me just say, "Hi. I popped in from your comments at John's."

I agree, his post on Kinkade was a good one. As with most of his journal entries, numerous others could/should follow.

I'll try to come back here, but I've got a big day tomorrow and am signing off.


Camille said...

Hey R,

thanks for visiting! Don't worry about the last question, it was directed mostly at me.

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