Saturday, June 12, 2010

Car Time!

Oh Ingrid

Oh Ingrid
You are sitting in Larry's shop this weekend
When you could be sitting in your cozy
Garage at home


Your check engine light came


Just as we were about to have you smogged
You naughty girl

Your black heart
Is sludgy
Your oil pump is clogged
You ungrateful thing

Your sticker says Little Rock
But I know you dream of the icy streets of Stockholm

Your papers are a mess
Your license plate says Cayucos
But your Viking prow is thinking about those fat rosy cheeked English housewives waiting for your camshafts.

But this time you are the hostage
Will we ransom you this time?
I wanted to drive you off the cliff
But bluer heads prevailed

And your ever open sunroof?
You sunworshipping trollop
You are just giving me a headache


Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

An ode to a clapped-out motor! Love it!!!

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Hey! It's a song! (Indie label). 'Oh Ingrid, Oh Ingrid'. The camshaft line is the best! But they are ALL so so good. So good. Camille - you rock!

H said...

Yoko has been faithful, a bit beaten and scarred, but she's a fighter! 9 years now... hopefully another few more... knock wood.

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